Fear Doesn’t Work and Other Lessons on Climate Change Communication

Source: Climate Tracker

Author(s): Climate Tracker

Year: 2017


Last year, Climate Tracker produced toolkits to help journalists, writers, and other communicators write about climate change and publish it in media. But, we couldn’t help ask ourselves: what makes climate change communication effective? How do we deal with climate skeptics? And how can we communicate climate science clearly? We decided to come up with a new toolkit to try and answer these questions. In this new toolkit, we summarize some of the best tips experts have come up with in communicating climate science. We also discuss how psychology and emotions play a role in how people process information and consequently, compel them to act on climate change — or continue to deny it. We also look at case studies on success and failure of climate communication, and how it can mean life and death in some countries, or how it can help lobby in international policy.

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